Friday, November 20, 2009

It's All About Me

Really, I swear I'm not a conceited douche who's full of himself, but I had to do 3 seperate self-portraits:

First one is painted, and we could only use one colour.
I'm not too proud of it, so I included it here to make the others look good. Because when you're not that pretty to begin with, the only way to look good is to stand beside something even uglier.

p.s. Paint is not my favorite medium. Paint is an unholy bitch goddess.

(click to enlargeanate)

Apparently this is me as played by Angelina Jolie.

This next one had to be reflected in something other than a mirror, using a medium I wasn't used to drawing with.
For the reflection I used CDs, and used all REM CD's because they're the only band I have enough CDs by to encapture my gargantuan cranium. I would have used Rush, but you don't get much reflection from a cassette tape. ha ha I'M OLD
And for the medium I used good ol' Crayolas.
I bought a bag of like 120 of them at Value Village for a buck! For some reason 80 of the 120 were orange.
Kid snot was no extra charge.

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