Saturday, November 28, 2009

Purple Aneurysm

Apparently the paint gods have decreed that you can't just buy different coloured paint, you have to mix them yourself. My problem is, no matter what combination of paints I add, I almost always get the same result. PURPLE. And not an eye-pleasing Barney or Prince and the Revolution type purple, but more of a scooping-the-litterbox-after-the-cat-got-into-the-grapes kind of purple. If by some miracle of fate I clumsily stumble onto the proper combination of red, yellow and blue to make my desired colour, I'll paint for about 15 seconds before running out of the stuff I mixed and the whole trial and error process starts all over again.
It's all quite relaxing.
I did manage to squeeze these out in between ambulance trips to the psych ward.

(click pics to make big)

Painted this from photo:

Photo is here:

Last year we took a field trip to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton, then had to reproduce a painting we saw there. I chose Molly Lamb Bobak's Walking Dogs, as I thought it captured the essence of our basic human need for companionship, as well as our constant desire to reach for affirmation from a higher power.

Also it looked really easy.

Original is here.

p.s. I still say the person in the center looks like a giant ice cream sundae.

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