Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Professor & Mary Ann

Here's the last of the stuff I'm posting from last year. There's more but a lot of it is pretty meh. You wanna look at pictures of glassware and tablecloths, get a Sears catalogue.

(click each to largeify)

4-panel instructional comic:

The inside joke is that step 4 is my friend Jess, who, like all emo kids, refuses to admit she is an emo kid. So of course I call her an emo kid every chance I get. Although with her love of all things Christmas and Abba, I'm starting to believe her.

Here we had to draw something constructed out of pencils:

Anthropomorphic animal character:

For this one we had to choose a fable, then draw a line or two as though it was for a page of a children's storybook. I chose Aesop's The Cat and Venus.

Photo reproduction

The first drawing I've ever done in life drawing that I didn't absolutely hate. Even with that freaky looking flipper-hand.

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Tara said...

TROY! Fabulous Blog! When you see it all together like this it is very impressive body of work!